If you happen to be someone who may have visited my site from time to time over the past two years, you probably remember my site having a plug for Arvixe Hosting on the right hand side. Well, I recently have migrated all of my sites to SmarterASP hosting, and so far it has been all for the best.

When I first started with Arvixe 2 years ago I was very happy. They provided inexpensive hosting and had good customer support. The response time for loading of my web sites was resonable, as was the response time of support requests. I also have a service that monitors my sites for "downtime" that also acts as a keep alive service. It started out that I would get notice of downtime about 3 times a week, for about 5 - 10 minute stretches, but mainly in the middle of the night (US). For shared hosting that seemed resonable.

Over time I started noticing more and more downtime via the monitoring service, and not all during the night time, but more and more in the middle of the day. Then within the past 4 months I have experienced two periods of time where my websites were all down for at least a 24 hour period, both which turned out to be caused by changes to the servers, nothing self inflicted by the code or configuration of my web sites.

Dealing with their customer service during these 2 down times was a nightmare. The first time I had a ticket open over night without any resonpse or assignment. This alone is horrible when in my ticket I stated that my web site was down! So that next morning I did live chat with a rep that basically blew me off stating that they were looking at it and would provide me a status as soon as possible. A few more hours past and I still noticed that my ticket had not been assigned. So I started another live chat, only to get the same customer service rep who again blew me off stated they were looking at it and would updated me. So, another number of hours went by and I finally got a chance to call their phone support. The rep I talked to stated he knew what the problem was from the symptoms I had stated and assigned the ticket to himself. This led me to believe that my issue would finally get resolved. Another 2 hours passed and still not resolution. So I found an Arvixe forum post that described the exact issue that I was having and an Arvixe rep had interacted with the user on that forum to solve the issue. So I posted a reply on the thread and within 5 minutes I had an Arvixe rep helping me and fixed the issue within a half an hour. Funny how they blew me off until I made a public post about issues I was having with them. They should spend more time fixing issues rather than monitoring public forums looking for negative posts and trying to make themselves look super reactive.

Then I recently tried to get a nopCommerce site up and running recently. I ran into nothing but issues and never got it working. This was even after trying to install it via their application library.

While I was fighting with those issues I found SmarterASP and opened an account to try out their 60 free trial. I had my nopCommerce site up and running within an hour of opening the account. Their pricing is comparable to Arvixe, and I like the fact that they only maintain Windows Servers as all of the coding I do is ASP.NET. Their Control Panel is the most intuitive I have seen of all of the Hosting Control Panels that I have used over the years. The response time for my web sites is much faster than it was with Arvixe and so far the down time has been very minimal. And it is nice that they will actually alert me when they will be doing maintenance.

If you happen to be looking for a new .NET hosting provider I strong suggest that you try out SmarterASP.



re: Why I Left Arvixe Hosting

Thursday, February 6, 2014 9:10:59 AM

I'm sorry to hear your issue. But when I with Arvixe, I never have experience with the issue. Hmmm... Sometimes the server slow and down, but I can accept it. I believe with the very low price, we cant get the best server that always bring uptime to your site. I switch to other hosting provider (http://hostforlife.eu) because I need europe server as my target market is Netherland, Italy, Spain. Since they didnt offer europe DC, I have to leave them. Both hostforlife and Arvixe are good for me. Hostforlife hosting plan is also affordable and they also fully support in .net. Their knowledge about .net is good and help me a lot to debug my problem. So, other recommendation for you for .net is hostforlife.eu. (NOTE: if you need european server).

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