About 2 months ago I started a new job with a new company. Part of my new responsibilites is to create a test bed of automated GUI test scripts for a new ASP.NET application. The company does not really have a testing organization and has not really implemented an particular automated testing tools, so the door was pretty wide open for me to pick a tool or a set of tools to perform the automated GUI testing. For me, I started out with a few simple facts to take into consideration when looking at testing tools.

  • Application is an ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms application
  • Application will be using Telerik RAD controls
  • Targeting IE and Firefox browsers based on customer's needs
  • Tests should be able to be data-driven
  • Tests should be easily deployed and run from multiple machines as needed

Over my years of working with ASP.NET I knew there were a number of good unit testing frameworks for .NET and at least had heard about some frameworks for browser GUI testing. So I started out doing some research and quickly found that there were a few open source or freeware browser GUI testing frameworks as well. Most of the GUI testing frameworks integreated with at least a number of the unit testing frameworks.

The unit testing framework was pretty easy to decide on since the project is an ASP.NET written by developers via Visual Studio. I picked the MSTest Framework as the unit framework so that there would not be extra stuff for developers to install from a unit test framework perspective since Visual Studio Pro (as well as Visual Studio Express for Windows 2012) has the MSTest Framework packaged as part of the install. Not to mention, I found that MSTest actually provided probably the easiest ways to set up Data Driven testing.

So that left me to just analyze the GUI testing frame works. The two I looked at were WatiN and the Telerik Testing Framework.

I found it pretty easy to write code that works well with WatiN. But at the same time I found a few pretty big Cons. First, WatiN was really written to only work with IE, but some folks have provided extensions/plug-ins to work with a number of the other major browsers. Secondly, WatiN has not had a release/update since Feb of 2011. Being this is 2013, it worries me that the project has gone stale, and that as browsers change, the framework would to degrade and test scripts would start breaking and not be repairable.

With the Telerik Testing Framework there seemed to be nothing but good things. The fact that it is the framework that is the back end to their well known Test Studio and that it is available for free are great for starters. Next, the fact that they have "wrapper" classes for all of their Rad (and Kendo UI) controls that make writing scripts that interact with those controls 100s of times easier than writing your own code was huge! Also, out of the box, with no special coding the framework will work with any of the major browsers. Telerik provides updates to the Testing Framework at least a couple times a year, and they provide very helpful and friendly support on their site.

I have been working with MSTest and the Telerik Testing Framework exclusively for about a month and a half now and have had no regrets in the selection.



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