As 2012 draws to a close I find that looking back at the past year there have been lots of trials, but also a lot of great successes. The winter and spring time brought the wrap up of what was a great season of darts for myself as well as fellow team mates. That time of year also saw Windy and I find a beautiful home to purchase and make our own. As great as that sounds, it was one of the great successes through some trials. Making a down payment on a house the same year that you are planning for a wedding... you do the math! And if that was not enough, then our new house experienced a power surge from a close lighting strike in June. Fortunately, our insurance was very helpful and reactive during this process. We both also had major car repairs this year as well as having to replace a water heater as well as heater in our income property. Through all of that, we were able to compromise, make sacrifies, and live through it together without coming to odds. Just more reasons that I love Windy and feel very strongly that we will have a great marriage.

Speaking of which, we are just about 6 weeks away from our wedding day. We both are looking very forward to that day, but now we are done to the fine details of the event. We both feel like we are ahead of the power curve of things that need to be accomplished for the wedding, but at the same time feeling the pressure of the whole event. We are looking forward to seeing friends and family and celebrating together. We know we are taking a bit of a risk having the wedding in February in Colorado, but are praying for safe travels for everyone willing to attend our wedding.

Also looking forward, I am sad that I will not be attending either the CO state or National dart tournaments during 2013. It is just some of the fallout of the expenses experienced during 2012. But at the same time, it has given me more conviction and motivation for the 2013-2014 season. I have a number of goals and asspirations. I am not going to mention all of them as some are still very much in planning stages, but I am very excited about the prospects for the year. With that said, look for more entries in the future regarding my efforts.


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