The Absence Submission feature provides a form that allows users to report information about when they will be absent. The feature can be configured to send email alerts with the details of a submission. A list of recipients for the email alerts is easily maintained by simply providing individuals names and email addresses. A list of all submissions is maintained an easily viewed by editors of the feature. The list of submissions can be filtered by a particular date so that it is easy to view who will be gone for a designated day. The feature also provides "purge" functionality that easily cleans up old submissions that may no longer be important.

Absence Submission is great for any organization that wants to provide their members and easy way to report absences and eaisly track them.

This first version was created for a client of mine and provides all the functionality that they desire. Currently the only data source is MSSQL. If you have any interest in this feature but would like a different data source implemented or desire it to grow into more, let me know. Some Support and Encouragement never hurts either. :) It has great potential to be developed into a full blown attendance management feature, but I have no plans to do that unless there is enough interest.

Version released 2012-03-03 - Bug fixes and navigation additions.

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The officially tested/supported configurations for Absence Submission are listed below. This does not mean that it will not work on other configurations, but there are no guarantees.

  • mojoPortal Version: and up for .NET 4
  • MSSQL Version: 2005 and up
  • Fluent Validation: 3.2 (dll included in deployment package)

Currently no other data sources are supported, but let me know if you are interested in other data sources.

Complete the following steps to install the Absence Submission feature in your instance of mojoPortal.

  1. Download the deployment package that is appropriate for your install of mojoPortal
  2. Unzip the deployment package
  3. FTP the folders included in the root of the deployment package to the root of your mojoPortal instance (overwrite existing files if needed - i.e. for an upgrade)
  4. Navigate to http(s)://your-domain/Setup/Default.aspx
  5. Add Absence Submission to your desired page(s)

After you have added Absence Submission you most likely will want to change the settings and manage the recipient list. See the Settings and Manage tab for details pertaining to making those changes.

This section describes the general user functionality of the Absence Submission feature. The general user will be presented with a form asking for information about an absence. The fields and the validation checks that are preformed are described below.

Full Name - This field is required. If the user is logged in and the mojoPortal site's Profile is set up with 'FirstName' and 'LastName' properties then this field will be populated with the user's First Name and Last Name.

Email Address - This field is required and must be a valid email address format. If the user is logged in this field will be populated with the user's registered email address.

Start Date - This field is required and must be in a MM/DD/YYYY format. Populated with the current date by default.

End Date - This field is required and must be in a MM/DD/YYYY format. This date must also be equal to or later than the Start Date. Populated with the current date by default.

Details - This field is required.

Receive Copy - Only visible if the "Send Emails" feature setting is checked. Checked by default. Will send a copy of the Absence Submission to the submitter if it is checked.

This section describes the Feature Settings for the Absence Submission feature.

Email Management

Send Emails - If this check box is checked then emails will be sent to all recipients that are added via the Manage functionality. It will also provide the submitter an option to receive a copy of their absence submission. If it is unchecked then no emails will be sent even though there may be recipients added and the submitter will not have the receive copy option.

Address To Send Email From - Provide the email address from which all emails sent by the Absence Submission feature.

Email Subject - Provide the text of the subject line for all emails sent by the Absence Submission feature.

Data Management

Purge Age (Days) - How many days past a submission's Absence End Date will Absences be eligible to be purged from the system. The purge process is a manual one and described on the Management tab.

This section describes the management functionality of the Absence Submission feature. The Management functionality can be accessed by a user who has edit privileges for the feature. To go to the Management page the user would click on the "Manage" text link or the pencil icon in the Title section of the Feature.

Submission Recipients

Provides the ability to add/edit/delete a list of recipients that would receive email notifications with the details of each Absence Submission. Emails will only be sent to the list of recipients if the "Send Emails" Feature Setting is checked.

Purge Submissions Controls

Provides the ability for a user to manually perform a purge of the Absence Submissions. If the button is clicked it will purge all Submissions where the End Date's age is older than the Purge Age.

This section describes the View Absence Submissions page. It provides a grid view of all Absence Submissions that have be submitted sorted by the Start Date and then the End Date. It also provides a Filter by Date control. The Filter by Date control takes a date in MM/DD/YYYY format and when apply only displays any entries where the date is in between a Submission's Start and End Date.


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Source Code

The source code is available via my bitbucket repository.

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