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Why I Left Arvixe Hosting

If you happen to be someone who may have visited my site from time to time over the past two years, you probably remember my site having a plug for Arvixe Hosting on the right hand side. Well, I recently have migrated all of my sites to SmarterASP hosting, and so far it has been all for the best. When I first started with Arvixe 2 years ago I was very happy. They provided inexpensive hosting and had good customer support. The response time for loading of my web sites was resonable, as was the... Read More

Installing SSL with Arvixe Hosting - What I Learned

I recently took my first venture into installing SSL with this ASP.NET mojoPortal site. This entry covers my experience with working with Arvixe Windows Hosting to get the SSL certificate installed. Hopefully it will help explain the basic process and maybe point out a few gotchas to be aware of to limit problems. First, I decided to get a free SSL certificate from StartSSL. I will not explain the details of getting a certificate from them in this entry (but if I have some more time soon I... Read More

Multiple sites on one instance of mojoPortal with Arvixe Shared hosting

As I am still relatively new to mojoPortal as well as Arvixe hosting I am still learning lots. As I would eventually like to host a number of web sites using mojoPortal I recently decided to start playing with the option of hosting multiple sites with one installation. On the mojoPortal site there is lots of great documentation about the different solutions that mojoPortal will accommodate to be able to host multiple sites via one instance. It is definitely a good read before attempting to... Read More

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