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What I learned about IE Compatibility and Document Modes

The other day at work I was working on finishing up a Web Forms page by working on some differences and weirdness I was experiencing when viewing the page in an IE9 browser. While trying to do some debugging I opened the Developer Tools console in IE. After a little while I realized that the Browser Mode was IE9 Compatability Mode and the Document Mode was set to Quirks. Neither one of these settings were what I expected/wanted. After a bit of research I found the reasoning for both, and actual ... Read More

Why I Left Arvixe Hosting

If you happen to be someone who may have visited my site from time to time over the past two years, you probably remember my site having a plug for Arvixe Hosting on the right hand side. Well, I recently have migrated all of my sites to SmarterASP hosting, and so far it has been all for the best. When I first started with Arvixe 2 years ago I was very happy. They provided inexpensive hosting and had good customer support. The response time for loading of my web sites was resonable, as was the... Read More

Intro to ASP.NET MVC 4 and Entity Framework

For the past 10 years now all of my ASP.NET experience has been working with ASP.NET Forms. I had not ventured into MVC, with the exception of getting to know what it was and the difference between it and ASP.NET Forms. The same with Entity Framework. But recently I have had reasons and needs to get to know both. Fortunately I came across a very well put together series of video tutorials that covers an intro of both. The series is labeled as "Building Applications with ASP.NET MVC 4" but the... Read More

Review of ASP.NET GUI Automated testing frameworks

About 2 months ago I started a new job with a new company. Part of my new responsibilites is to create a test bed of automated GUI test scripts for a new ASP.NET application. The company does not really have a testing organization and has not really implemented an particular automated testing tools, so the door was pretty wide open for me to pick a tool or a set of tools to perform the automated GUI testing. For me, I started out with a few simple facts to take into consideration when looking... Read More

Ahhh! Javascript!

I had recently made a point to start exploring HTML5 (even though it is due not to be officially finalized for a couple of years now, its use is already becoming quickly widespread). During that exploration I have confirmed my realization that Javascript, although it has been around a long time, is more important now than ever. With Javascript much better user experiences can be provided. It is lightweight, powerful, flexible, and can be very confusing to someone that is basically starting out... Read More

First Data Payment Gateway Connect Test URL

Just started working with integration of First Data Payment Gateway for a client. I am trying what I hope is the simplest way of integrating with them and that is with their Gateway Connect 1.0. I set up my test account with them and then tried a test to their post URL to make sure it seemed like everything was ok. Well, come to find out, that when I use the URL they sent me in their Welcome email I get a 404 error. So I did some research and found mentions of other URLs in some of their... Read More

mojoPortal ContentDeleteHandler

While I was finishing up development of my latest custom feature for mojoPortal I was implementing a ContentDeleteHandler. I struggled for a while to get it working. It turned out to be quite a simple reason for why it was not working. The process of creating a ContentDeleteHandler is not totally documented on the mojoPortal site, hence why it took me a little bit to get it totally working. It actually is a very simple process, so I will provide steps here for implementing it. I will assume... Read More

Dynamically Adding Content to Page Header in ASP.NET

I recently have started working with jQuery and other add-ons that require including files as well as writing on pages within the <HEAD> section of the page. Also, I am coding some features for use within the mojoPortal CMS, so for many reasons it is not reasonable to add the <SCRIPT> blocks to every page of the website. So I needed a way to be able to dynamically add content to the Page Header. Below is the answer of how to accomplish this with a few extra notes that should make ... Read More

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