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Reporting in SoapUI Free Edition

It has been way too long since I have posted anything about SoapUI and that is mainly because I have not been very active is using it at work for a long time now. But I recently received an email through this site, stating appreciation for my SoapUI posts. They also happened to mention that they are now looking for a way to do result reporting with SoapUI Free Edition and it gave me the idea to write this post. Result reporting is one of the biggest selling points of SoapUI Pro, but with a... Read More

Script Library in SoapUI Free

It has been a long time since I have added an entry about SoapUI. So I figure it is definately about time that I do just that. With this entry I would like to discuss how I have identified and structured a way to have a library of scripts in SoapUI (Free Version) that I can access from scripts anywhere else within SoapUI. They state that only within SoapUI Pro can you have a Script Library, but where there is a will there is a way. It all is based on being able to utilize the 'context' object. ... Read More

SoapUI Security Tests

New in SoapUI 4.0 is the concept of Security Tests. I just recently started playing with them, but I think they will be a great addition. The Security Tests provide the capability to run Web Service requests through a number of different scenarios that hackers may try to compromise your system. The types of tests include Boundary Scan, Cross Site Scripting, Malformed XML, and SQL Injection to name just a few. This is great because within SoapUI they have pre-build scenarios that can be... Read More

Organize Your SoapUI Project

I have seen SoapUI projects organized in many different ways from one Project per test scenario to one project per service binding to one project for a whole application. Here I will describe to you what I have found to be the best approach and explain why I feel it is the best approach. I also understand that everyone tends to work better with different organization structures, so I am just providing these details to maybe provide a SoapUI newbie with details that will make getting started... Read More

Ready to Blog about SoapUI

I have been wanting to write about using SoapUI for a long time. So, I could write lots and lots about it all in one post, but I will divide it up into smaller topics and multiple posts. A summary of SoapUI for folks who may not be familiar with it may be in order. Rather than trying to explain it myself, I will let SmartBear, the maker of SoapUI, explain it, just click here. I have been using SoapUI for over 2 years now back when the latest released version was 3.3.1. I work for a... Read More

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