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Ahhh! Javascript!

I had recently made a point to start exploring HTML5 (even though it is due not to be officially finalized for a couple of years now, its use is already becoming quickly widespread). During that exploration I have confirmed my realization that Javascript, although it has been around a long time, is more important now than ever. With Javascript much better user experiences can be provided. It is lightweight, powerful, flexible, and can be very confusing to someone that is basically starting out... Read More

jQuery and Canvas Context

I just wanted to share a quick lesson that I just learned about jQuery and the html 5 canvas object. I was attempting to use jQuery to access a canvas object and get its context so that I could do some drawing on it. The code I was attempting to use was like: $(document).ready(function ()     dbCanvas = $('#dartboard');    var context = dbCanvas.getContext('2d');     context.fillStyle = "rgb(200, 0, 0)";    context.fillRect(10, 10, 55, 50);); But in Chrome I kept getting the error "Object... Read More

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