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Installing SSL with Arvixe Hosting - What I Learned

I recently took my first venture into installing SSL with this ASP.NET mojoPortal site. This entry covers my experience with working with Arvixe Windows Hosting to get the SSL certificate installed. Hopefully it will help explain the basic process and maybe point out a few gotchas to be aware of to limit problems. First, I decided to get a free SSL certificate from StartSSL. I will not explain the details of getting a certificate from them in this entry (but if I have some more time soon I... Read More

First Data Payment Gateway Connect Test URL

Just started working with integration of First Data Payment Gateway for a client. I am trying what I hope is the simplest way of integrating with them and that is with their Gateway Connect 1.0. I set up my test account with them and then tried a test to their post URL to make sure it seemed like everything was ok. Well, come to find out, that when I use the URL they sent me in their Welcome email I get a 404 error. So I did some research and found mentions of other URLs in some of their... Read More

mojoPortal ContentDeleteHandler

While I was finishing up development of my latest custom feature for mojoPortal I was implementing a ContentDeleteHandler. I struggled for a while to get it working. It turned out to be quite a simple reason for why it was not working. The process of creating a ContentDeleteHandler is not totally documented on the mojoPortal site, hence why it took me a little bit to get it totally working. It actually is a very simple process, so I will provide steps here for implementing it. I will assume... Read More

New mojoPortal Custom Feature

I just posted the page for a new mojoPortal custom feature that I created. It is called Absence Submission. It is a simple but powerful feature that allows organizations to provide their members a way to report absences on their website. It also provides notification emails when Absences are submitted, the ability to purge/clean up old outdated absence submissions, and a filterable grid view of all reported absences. Check out the rest of the details Read More

StyleSheetCombiner Control - Answer to many common mojoPortal skin questions

I have been creating a few skins for mojoPortal lately. During that process I use other existing skins that come with mojoPortal as reference and inspiration. With that I have found a couple of scenarios where it has taken me a while to figure out how something was accomplished with one of those skins. And I have found that most of the time it comes down to changing a setting on the StyleSheetCombiner control on the master.layout file. If you know what you are searching for on the mojoPortal... Read More

Note worthy mojoPortal Multiple Site config entiries

Since I have been messing with the multiple site functionality per instance of mojoPortal lately I have been doing more research and have found out more information about options that are available dealing with multiple sites. First couple are pretty simple, but would be nice depending upon how may sites you have pointing to one instance of mojoPortal. <add key="SiteListPageSize" value="10" /> - Allows you to change the amount of Sites listed in the Site list page <add... Read More

Multiple sites on one instance of mojoPortal with Arvixe Shared hosting

As I am still relatively new to mojoPortal as well as Arvixe hosting I am still learning lots. As I would eventually like to host a number of web sites using mojoPortal I recently decided to start playing with the option of hosting multiple sites with one installation. On the mojoPortal site there is lots of great documentation about the different solutions that mojoPortal will accommodate to be able to host multiple sites via one instance. It is definitely a good read before attempting to... Read More

Media Player to be integrated in mojoPortal core

Ever since I released my initial version of Media Player I have been working with Joe Audette (creator of mojoPortal) as he wanted to implement it as a core feature. Just today he posted on the mojoPortal Blog that the next version of mojoPortal will include the Media Player feature. Joe has done some very nice work to add some great enhancements (html header/footer content, custom CSS class, dividing the Player into an Audio Player and Video Player feature) as well as created the support for... Read More

mojoPortal - SiteMenu Lost Layout

The other day while I was doing some development of a custom feature for mojoPortal all of a sudden the main menu (portal:SiteMenu tag on the layout.Master) lost all of its layout. Instead of the menu layout styling that it had previously it now was just a standard <ul> will bullets, but positioned horizontally. I thought I might have messed something up with the skin I was using at the time, but I found that I still had the same issue when switching to any other skin I tried. After a... Read More

jPlayer CSS Clash Solution

I have been working on creating a Custom feature for mojoPortal that utilizes jPlayer version 2.1.0 to play audio. During that development I encountered an issue where as part of the mojoPortal base install they have a CSS stylesheet that included styles for the jPlayer classes. They were styles of a skin for jPlayer version 2.0.0. With my player instance trying to utilize the same CSS classes they were clashing with each other as the versions utilize the same classes in different ways. It... Read More
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