Posts From March, 2012

Script Library in SoapUI Free

It has been a long time since I have added an entry about SoapUI. So I figure it is definately about time that I do just that. With this entry I would like to discuss how I have identified and structured a way to have a library of scripts in SoapUI (Free Version) that I can access from scripts anywhere else within SoapUI. They state that only within SoapUI Pro can you have a Script Library, but where there is a will there is a way. It all is based on being able to utilize the 'context' object. ... Read More

mojoPortal ContentDeleteHandler

While I was finishing up development of my latest custom feature for mojoPortal I was implementing a ContentDeleteHandler. I struggled for a while to get it working. It turned out to be quite a simple reason for why it was not working. The process of creating a ContentDeleteHandler is not totally documented on the mojoPortal site, hence why it took me a little bit to get it totally working. It actually is a very simple process, so I will provide steps here for implementing it. I will assume... Read More

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