Posts From February, 2012

New mojoPortal Custom Feature

I just posted the page for a new mojoPortal custom feature that I created. It is called Absence Submission. It is a simple but powerful feature that allows organizations to provide their members a way to report absences on their website. It also provides notification emails when Absences are submitted, the ability to purge/clean up old outdated absence submissions, and a filterable grid view of all reported absences. Check out the rest of the details Read More

StyleSheetCombiner Control - Answer to many common mojoPortal skin questions

I have been creating a few skins for mojoPortal lately. During that process I use other existing skins that come with mojoPortal as reference and inspiration. With that I have found a couple of scenarios where it has taken me a while to figure out how something was accomplished with one of those skins. And I have found that most of the time it comes down to changing a setting on the StyleSheetCombiner control on the master.layout file. If you know what you are searching for on the mojoPortal... Read More

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