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Dart Basics - The Throw

In this entry I would like to discuss the basic concepts of developing a sound dart throw. The dart throw is nothing if you have not created yourself a good base or stance. If you have not already, I suggest reading my previous entry Dart Basics - The Base. If you were to watch people play darts, you would quickly notice that there are all kinds of techniques used to throw darts. Some seem very strange, but yet some players can shoot very well regardless of how strange their throw seems. Over... Read More

Dart Basics - The Base

The game of darts is no different than any other skill activity, sport, or hobby. It is hard to become great at it, unless you fully understand and apply basic concepts. Darts seems very simplistic. You stand at a line, throw 3 darts each turn, and try to hit certain targets. Generally, about any person could do that and have fun without even thinking about the way in which they are doing it. But those folks genearlly would never become top notch players. To improve, a person would have to... Read More

So You Want to Get Better at Playing Darts

I have been playing darts for almost 10 years now and I am glad to say that I have been able to greatly improve my game of darts over that time. During those years I have done regular Google searches looking for practice techniques, drills, and other dart resources online that could help me improve my game. Unfortunately, I have never found a large amount of relavant material. What is out there is good material (check my Dart Links page, especially the 'Nice Darts' link), but  at the same time, ... Read More

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